Hi, I am Sophie Weston. I am a relatively new Mum to Theo, born August 2017, wife of Mark, my first love, former Accountant and current (albeit it on maternity leave right now) Head of Digital for a fashion retailer.

I quibbled with myself about the order in which to list those things, but ultimately none of them define me, I am a sum of the people and experiences I’ve had so far in my life.

You will find me to be an incredibly open and honest person. I’m also competitive, independent, messy, self-assured, ambitious & thoughtful. I thrive in busy, high pressure environments. I have collected lots of friends over the years and lost a few. I can be very out of sight, out of mind. In the same vein I am an all or nothing person.

I love travelling, chocolate based desserts & cakes, trying new forms of exercise, spending time with friends, dancing, snuggling in front of the fire in winter and sitting outside in the garden chatting until the sun sets in summer. In recent years I’ve become more influenced by fashion, but I very much take inspiration from people around me. We have lived in our house in East Dulwich since September 2013, I have really enjoyed furnishing and decorating it and making it our home. Plus, living in East Dulwich is the best.

I  am close to my family, but not in a need to speak to them all the time kind of way. I come from a highly functioning “divorced” parents scenario, where we all spend Christmas together. I have four brothers, 2 original and 2 step… got to be why I’m so competitive right??

Contact me on sophie@thefaddist.com