My New Years Resolutions

When I woke up on January 1st the first thought that went through my head was probably pretty typical…. I.AM.NEVER.DRINKING.AGAIN. My 2nd thought was, shit where’s the baby. Luckily my husband had been on baby duty through the night and for the first feed of the day. Phew. I will admit that I never expected New Year to be so boozy and so late (4am… probably a record for a new mum), but we had a great evening with some of our new NCT friends and got a little carried away (well, Nina and I did).

Shortly before midnight, we started talking about what our new years resolutions would be, and I must admit until that point I hadn’t given it much thought, so I said something vague about the usual “girly” health/fitness thing and a commitment to write one blog post a week.

I’ve made resolutions in the past, but never really stuck to any and not really understood why as I find it easier than most to give things up for lent (chocolate, alcohol, shopping). Having looked it up, a resolution is defined as ‘a firm decision to do or not to do something’, so based on this it turns out I find it much easier to cut something out rather than take it up. I’ve come to the conclusion this is in part due to not having clear goals with specific targets – get fit doesn’t really cut it – so therefore I haven’t been able to stick to a resolution as I didn’t have a specific measurable. This is beginning to sound a bit like the work panflet on objective setting! Anyway, as never sticking to things consistently has always been one of my biggest pitfalls I’ve decided to commit, publicly, with clear measurables to what my resolutions will be.

So what will they be? I’ve spent a lot of years focusing on my career, to the point of putting off having children, so now that I have a job I love and a beautiful baby boy who I know will naturally take up most of my time and energy over the next year I have decided to make resolutions purely for my well being.

  1. Write 1 blog post per week. I have a folder full of half finished blog posts and have so far only managed to post 1 thing since going on maternity leave, so I am committing to one a week. If that means some of them are not as high a standard as I would like, then I just need to accept that and be happy to get content out there.
  2. Get down to 10.5st, and then maintain that weight for 6 months. Whilst that might not sound very light, it is half way between the weight I was when I got married and my current weight – 4 months post baby. Currently weighing in at 11st 6, this may take some time – but it is achievable in a healthy way by the middle of the year and then by far the hardest part for me will be to maintain it.
  3. To help with the above, I will do 2x exercise sessions a  week. Ideally this would be 4, but I want to commit to something that is more than I’m doing now, but that is achievable.

I really feel like I should add more, but quick bit of googling and as a matter of fact, common sense suggests that one of the main reason for people failing to keep NY Resolution is that they set to many. So 3 it is.

The Urban Dictionary has a different definition ‘An assessment of, and often delusional attempt to correct, one’s shortcomings’. Let’s see if I can prove them wrong.

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